Medien und Recht International 2019 (vol. 16), Heft 2/19

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MR-Int 2/19


Péter Mezei
4th WIPS Workshop: Limitations and Exceptions in Copyright Law  (S. 39) >>> free download

Simon Apel
Digital Sound Sampling, German Copyright and the “Metall auf Metall”-Case – A Never-Ending Story? (p. 40) >>> Details

Péter Mezei
The Dimensions of the De Minimis Exception and Musical Sampling (p. 48) >>> Details

Bernd Justin Jütte
The Limited Effects of Fundamental Rights on Copyright Exceptions (p. 52) >>> Details

Caterina Sganga
The Fundamental Rights Saga in EU Copyright Law: Time for the Boundary-Setting Season? (p. 56) >>> Details

Philipp Homar
Remuneration Rights as Compensation for Copyright Exceptions – Open Questions of the European Copyright Framework (p. 63) >>> Details

John T. Cross
The Unnecessary Defense of Copyright Misuse in U.S. Law (p. 67) >>> Details

Iony Randrianirina
Copyright Issues Arising From Works Created With Artificial Intelligence (p. 70) >>> Details

Luis-Javier Capote Pérez
Public and Private Limits to IP Rights – Martin Chirino vs Santa Cruz de Tenerife Council (p. 73) >>> Details