IT Law in Poland


IT Law in Poland.
An Introduction to IP Law, Contract Law and Internet Liabilty. Authors: Golaczynski; Jacek; Adamski, Dariusz; Okon, Zbigniew; Ozóg, Marcin; Podles, Marcin; Soltys, Boguslaw; Editor: Wiebe, Andreas

232 p. Medien und Recht (Vienna/Austria 2009). EUR 38,00. ISBN 978-3-900741-50-1

Inhalt/Contents (pdf)

This book is a result of close cooperation between ICT law institutes of neighbouring countries in the so-called “Vienna Group”. These encompass Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. A symposium held in Prague in 2005 was the starting point to develop the idea of launching a series of studies on the current situation regarding IT law in CEE countries.

“IT Law in Poland” is the first of such “country reports” in English. It provides an overview of and insight into a wide range of topics, from intellectual property law to contracts and liability. The volume covers the following domains of Polish IT law:

Intellectual Property Law: Copyright Law • Trademark Law • Patent Law • Competition Law

Contract Law: International Private Law and Jurisdiction • Software Contracts • Online Contracts

Liability: Liability of Internet Service Providers • Law applicable to Internet Service Providers • Criminal Liability

The book is directed to the Polish legal community as well as to interested readers in other countries all over Europe.

The authors of “IT Law in Poland” are all well-know legal experts and professors/lecturers of Polish universities:

Prof. Dr. habil. Jacek Golaczynski (University of Wroclaw)
Dr. Dariusz Adamski (University of Wroclaw)
Dr. Zbigniew Okon (University of Wroclaw)
Dr. Marcin Ozóg, LL.M. (Centrum
Dr. Marcin Podles, LL.M. (Attorney-at-law; lecturer at the University of Wroclaw)
Dr. Boguslaw Soltys (Attorney-at-law; lecturer at the University of Wroclaw)

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