Medien und Recht International 2021 (vol. 18), Heft 3/21

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MR-Int 3/21


Péter Mezei/Anett Pogácsás
Introduction - 5th WIPS Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (S. 114) >>> Details

Péter Munkácsi
Something’s Up: European Union Developments on Intellectual Property Multilateralism (S. 115)  >>> Details

Helena K. Jahromi
Nothing Is Impossible – Is It? Impossibility Structures in the DSM Directive (S. 119)  >>> Details

Péter Lábody
Fast but Not Simple – A Short Insight into the Hungarian Implementation of Article 17 DSMD (S. 122)  >>> Details

Hannibal Travis
State of Florida Appeals Ruling Against Anti-deplatforming Law: Initial Conclusion Is That Law Violates Freedoms of Speech and of the Press (S. 126)  >>> Details

Ioanna Lapatoura
3D Printing against Digital Watermarking: A Battle for the Protection of IPRs (S. 129)  >>> Details

Luis-Javier Capote-Pérez
Orthophotography and Intellectual Property – A New Perspective for an old Discussion in Spanish Law (S. 133)  >>> Details

Anett Pogácsás
Authors’ Control over Their Works and Its Impact on Public Domain (S. 135)  >>> Details

Mauritz Kop
Beyond IP Innovation Law: The Bigger Picture (S. 139)  >>> Details


Spezialisierte Meta-Suchmaschine (Stellenanzeigen)
EuGH 03.06.2021, C-762/19 – CV-Online-Latvia/Melons (Anm Michel M. Walter) (S. 143)  >>> Details

Fehlerberichtigung von Computerprogrammen
EuGH 06.10.2021, C-13/20 – Top System/État belge (Anm Michel M. Walter) (S. 148) >>> Details