Czech law


Jan Hurdik, Radim Polcák, Terezie Smejkalová (eds.)

Czech Law in European Regulatory Context

Medien und Recht München 2009; VIII, 273 pages.

Members of the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University at Brno have undertaken to analyze in 17 chapters the influence of the European legal regulatory framework on the development of Czech Law (inter alia):
–  Problems with Understanding of the European Law in New Member States
–  Limits to the Principle of Supremacy of the EU Law over National Law
–  Europeanization of law and the trend of legal globalisation in Czech law
–  Discretionary power of public administration in the Czech Republic
–  Social protection of employees employed by work agencies
–  Effect of the asylum acquis in CR
–  DCFR and the proposal of the Czech Civil Code
–  European Consumer Acquis
–  Tort law in EU and the Czech context
–  Regulation of company’s capital
–  Foundation law in Europe and the CR

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